Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fabric Covered Canvas DIY

Before we got our new bed, I had a grand plan for one of the bare walls in our room.  However, when we got the bigger bed, we moved it to that all, thus ruining my plans.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the wall until I found some super fab elephant prints in the BlackBaraoque Etsy shop.  They are printed on antique book pages and are really gorgeous in person.  I have a major thing for elephants, and fell in love with the prints right away.  I originally ordered only one (the elephant w/flowers), because at that point I wasn't sure what to do with it, but felt it needed to be somewhere in my house.  I glanced at the site about a week later, and really, really had to have two others as well.

Once we had a plan for the headboard, I knew that I wanted to put the elephant prints above it.  I loved the elephants with the heart and wanted it to go in the center, but felt that it needed a more dramatic frame to showcase it.  I tend to hang on to things for way too long, and had some old 8x10 silver picture frames (from our old house...that we moved out of 10 years ago) that I could spray paint black.  I had leftover paint from the handles on the dresser refinish I did, so that was easy.  I had fabric leftover from making the pillows for the church pew, so I decided to cover a canvas and then hang the frame on that.  The 11x14 canvas was only $5.99 for a pack of two at Hobby Lobby, making this project pretty cheap.

I wanted quick and easy, and I got it.  I sprayed the frames and set them aside to dry.  For the canvas, I put the fabric face down, sprayed the canvas with spray adhesive, and pressed them together.  Next I flipped it over, sprayed the sides and back edges, and folded the fabric up.  I trimmed the extra fabric off, folded the corners down, and stapled them.  Done and done. 

The only thing left was to hang the canvas, measure where I wanted the other pictures to hang, and hang them all up.  Super easy!  The picture on the top left really isn't hanging crooked...that would send me over the edge.  I just didn't hold my phone straight enough when I took the picture and didn't feel like going back upstairs to redo it.

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