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Traveling With My Kids

We didn't do a lot of traveling when I was a kid.  We would take road trips to to see my grandparents,  sometimes to go see my cousins (but usually they came to us), and we went on a few little family vacations, but we didn't go to a lot of new places.  A lot of our vacation time was spent camping on some land my family owns up in the mountains, which was incredible and now I get to take my kids there.  The only times I really ever flew anywhere was to go to gymnastics meets (more about my gymnastics here) that were out of state.  As an adult, I've made long lists of all the places I want to travel to and am slowly checking things off.  It has been really amazing to be able to take the kids on trips with us, and I love that by the time they are my age, they'll already have an incredible list of places they've visited.
Early on in our marriage we talked about how important it is for us to be able to "go do stuff." We love to go on little adventures like …

Fashion Friday - Kid Edition

We are on vacation this week and while packing, I realized my daughter had enough red, white, and blue outfits to last the whole holiday week.  It is ridiculous how excited I was over this, and as a result, Fashion Friday is all about kids 4th of July outfits.  
My kids tend to be pretty rough on clothes, so quality is important to me.  I also love unique stuff and don't like to spend a lot of money, which makes it tricky to find what I want.  Just like with my own clothes, when I find things that I really like for the kids, I tend to stick to that brand and style.  I was recently added to an online boutique page on Facebook and have been buying a ton of R's stuff from there.  They are local to me, which is great because I can just go pick the items I order up, but she ships all over so you don't have to be near us to buy.  She sells super cute boutique style clothes at really great prices.  I always prefer to buy stuff from mom based businesses, so Sparklers is a great c…