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Raising Independent Kids

I've had people tell me that I'm lucky that my kids can entertain themselves.  This has always struck me as an odd statement, because I feel like it is something that should be a really normal thing.  My son has always been great at playing on his own and I really think he prefers it to playing with others.  My daughter does really love to play with friends, but she is can also play by herself for hours at a time.  They are both really creative kids, and I love seeing them play by themselves.
I mentioned in my post last week (found here) that I hate the need today's society has to constantly entertain our kids and provide them with structured activities.  I feel that in the long run, the only thing this does is hinder their ability to be creative and learn to entertain themselves.  I'll admit that with my first child, I was quick to sign up for library story hour, and a couple other mom and me classes, but I skipped every single one of those with my second child.  I s…

Kids and Sports

I was a gymnast from the time I could walk, until I was 16 years old.  The only other sport I really ever did was dance, and that was because it was something that went hand in hand with gymnastics.  It was serious business and I was in the gym for around 25 hours a week for as many years as I can remember.  I truly did love the sport, so don't let this post make you think otherwise, but my heavy involvement and lack of being able to ever do anything else, is definitely something that influences the way I look at sports for my kids.  
The way kids were involved with most sports was a lot different when I was a kid, than it is for my kids now.  I say this with the exclusion of my gymnastics career, because that is a lot like the expectations of kids and sports today.  I feel like when I was growing up, that recreation sports were just that.  Recreation.  Today everything is a million times more competitive, and everyone starts involving their kids at much younger ages.  I know the…

The Pencil Skirt

When pencil skirts started getting popular, I swore I could never pull one off.  The idea of putting a completely form fitting skirt on my body was terrifying.  In my mind, the only people who could wear them were stick thin and had no curves.  I was totally wrong right?  As I flip through magazines, and watch tv, the women who wear these type of skirts are full of curves and they look incredible.  I am my own worst critic, and it has taken me awhile to feel comfortable in such a form fitting skirt, but now I feel like I pull it off pretty well (seriously you guys, barre classes have done wonders for my butt! I couldn't have pulled this off last summer)  This brand/style is my favorite and I have three of them because I love them so much.  They are soft, stretchy, and come in such fun prints!  I love the yoga waistband because I can change how I wear it on my waist, depending on what shirt I want to wear with it.  I buy them from a friend of mine (along with the maxi skirt I post…

Car Seat Safety - Protecting Your Kids

I've had plenty of friends and family members give me a hard time about my obsession with car seat safety. I've had eyes rolled at me and I've been referred to by some as "The Car Seat Nazi".  I've never understood this, and why keeping kids as absolutely safe as possible in the car, is not at the top of everyone's list of things to do.  I've heard all sorts of comments like "We feel comfortable with our decision", or "We made the same choice with their brother/sister and they were fine", when it comes to car seat decisions, and it all just boggles my mind.  The thought process that because another person did something and ended up fine, is really what some people feel comfortable as a basis for their child's safety?  This makes absolutely no sense to me.
There are a lot of things in this world that we can't control when it comes to the safety of our kids. The kind of car seat you use, the way you fasten your kids in their…

Hats - Not Just for Bad Hair Days!

In college, I remember wearing baseball caps quite a bit to cut down on the time it took me to get ready for class.  At the time (what feels like a million years ago!), there weren't really any cute options at all.  Hats have become a major accessory though, and there are tons of ridiculously cute options to choose from.  I have a friend who runs an online boutique, and I've been watching her post pictures of her adorable, hand crafted hats for a long time.  I like to try things on, so I don't like to buy things online very often, but I felt like I really couldn't go wrong here.  My hat got here last week and I was thrilled with how cute it is!  Perfect fit, great quality, and I just love it!  The one I chose is light gray with gray and white flowers.  I wanted something neutral that I could wear with a lot of things, and this will be perfect.  She has so many other awesome choices, and does a lot of hats to match sports teams, and that type of thing too.  Shi's J…

So, I Bought A Jumpsuit!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine and I started chatting about jumpsuits.  There was a cute one we kept looking at on an athletic clothing website, but neither of us bit the bullet and ordered it.  The topic has come up quite a few more times, links to different options shared, and it almost like we've been daring each other to be the first to give it a go.  After a recent conversation with said friend, another friend messaged me talking to me about a black jumpsuit that she owned.  For the record, she loves it, but we had to laugh about her husband's opinion.  I made the decision this week that I would at least try some on.  I looked online a bit and then headed out to shop.  A few of them were so bad that I literally couldn't get them off fast enough.  Then I found one that I actually liked.  Of course, they had the size below and above what I needed, but not my size in the store so I had to order it.

My verdict on this particular one is that I like it, and I don&#…

Stay At Home Mom Thoughts...

My kids are 11 and 6 (both "and a half", you know because that half year is super important to them), and I've been a stay at home mom for 99% of that time.  I went back to work 12 weeks after my oldest was born and quit my job six months later.  I've spent a lot of time over the past 11 years thinking about what I do, how to not screw it up, and most importantly how to maintain my sanity until both kids are adults and not living in my home anymore.
I'm not the person that when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" as a child, responded with "I want to be a mom."  I actually wanted to be a fashion designer for as long as I can remember.  I also remember saying many times, that I didn't want to have kids.  I have no idea when that switch flipped, but I grew up and knew I wanted to have kids. 
I feel like I need to share a little backstory here, so we'll start with that.  My son (we'll call him J) came to be relatively e…