Monday, October 7, 2013

Dresser Refinish - From Ugly to Fab

Our bed used to have drawers under it, so we really didn't need a dresser in our room.  We recently got a new bed, so I had to quickly find a dresser to make up for the lost drawer space.  Per the norm, I had something specific in my head, and looked everywhere trying to find the perfect thing.  Of course, the perfect thing was no where to be found, so started looking for something old to make into something new.  

We continually visited all of the thrift stores in the the area for several weeks until I found this gem...

I started by removing all the drawers, taking the hardware off, and wiping everything down with a damp cloth.  I had paint leftover from a built in shelf project my husband did in our room, so I used that to make chalk paint (same method I used in this post for another project).  This wood wasn't easily covered, so I ended up putting three coats of paint on, when with most projects I only need to do two.  In between paint coats, I sprayed the hardware with this spray paint...

It doesn't even seem like the same dresser to me anymore.  It amazes me what a little paint can do for a piece of furniture.  


I love how it looks against the purple wall!

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