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Black Pants - A Staple Wardrobe Piece

Earlier this year I started searching for my "ideal" pair of black pants.  This "ideal" thing is a difficult situation my brain gets itself into on a regular basis.  I come up with an idea of something very specific that I want, and then I spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for such an item.  
After probably six months of casual searching (and one purchased pair of pants that I didn't love), I found a pair at Forever 21.  They are almost exactly what I was looking for, and if I remember correctly, were a whopping $14.90.  I've worn them too many times to count, so it ended up being totally worth it!  I love that I can dress black pants up, or go super casual.  I'm not sure how I survived so long without them. 
My life these days means lots of driving kids around from one practice to another, running errands in between, and going to games/performances.  We have a dance performance to go to tonight, so I threw this outfit on and can put a jean j…

Giveaway Time! Win a Chunky Necklace!

I am excited to do a fun giveaway to celebrate spring and all the fun colors that go along with it!  Star Creek Creations is a great place to pick up the adorable chunky necklaces that little girls love to wear.  This "Happy Spring" style hasn't been listed on the website and will be a one of a kind piece for one lucky winner!  Just use the Rafflecopter app to enter.   Happy Spring!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fashion Friday - Turns Out That's a Thing!

Last Friday I posted an outfit of the day blog, and today thought "Hey, maybe I'll do that every Friday."  I see hashtags for different "events" all week long, like #transformationtuesday, #whatiworewednesday, #throwbackthursday, and wondered what there was for Friday.  It turns out that #fashionfriday is a thing, and I've decided to add it to my blog. 
I love really love it.  When I was a little girl I would cut pictures out of magazines and make poster boards.  One of my bucket list items is to go to shows at Fashion Week in New York. I also dreamed of being a fashion designer, and for whatever reason, never pursued that career option.  That doesn't stop me from loving clothes, shoes, handbags, or jewelry any less.  What I really hate though is spending money.  Call me cheap, frugal, practical, whatever, but it has to be something pretty amazing (like a handbag or a great pair of shoes) for me to spend very much money on it.  The thoug…

New Shoes Make Me Happy!

I got a delightfully purple new pair of shoes last week and wore them today for the first time.  Shoes are without a doubt, my biggest weakness.  I gravitate to the shoe departments in any store I go in, whether that's what I am there for or not.  I have to shop for clothes to match shoes, not the other way around.  Shoes are my favorite, and they make me super happy!
I thought I'd do a little OOTD (outfit of the day) post today to show off my new purple TOMS.
Shoes - TOMS Classic Purple Canvas I got this pair from Zulily, but you can always find them here. Leggings - LuLaRoe (visit Jen's page here) Shirt - Target (It was all by itself and I never found more of them...I wanted more colors!) Denim Jacket - Target  Necklace - Screaming Owl Sunglasses - Can't remember the brand, but I got them at TJ Maxx

Packing for a Disney Cruise

Our recent cruise on the Disney Magic was absolutely amazing (for help planning check out my Tips for Planning a Disney Cruise post), and a big part of how smooth it went was because I packed almost perfectly.  I am a habitual over packer, so to actually use almost everything I packed was quite the victory for me.  Here are some of my "musts" for your Disney Cruise as well as a list of of what kind of clothes I took for our family.  Keep in mind, we participated in all of the theme nights on the cruise, which I highly recommend doing, even though it does add quite a bit to your suitcases.  Our family of four took two large suitcases, one carry on size suitcase, and each of us had a back pack or bag that we carried on.

1.  Organize and Label the Kid's Outfits
This is where my OCD tendencies really paid off.  There are a lot of things you have to pack, and my kids never keep anything organized once we are on a trip.  I knew our stateroom was pretty small, and the thought o…

My Top 10 Disney Cruise Planning Tips

We recently went on our first Disney Cruise (actually our first cruise of any kind), and being the compulsive over researcher that I am, I did an insane amount of research.  We booked our trip in August to sail in February, and in that time I read countless blogs, talked to as many people as I could, and planned, planned, planned.  Our trip was incredible, and I almost died of happiness when my husband said "You really nailed this.  I really appreciate the amount of work that you did for this trip."  Totally validated my OCD, folks. :)  I didn't want to blog before the trip, because I wanted to see what was worth my time and what wasn't before I gave any advice to anyone.  I'm not getting compensated in any way for this, I just want to share my thoughts and experience.  So, without further ado, here are my top 10 planning tips.
1. Book Through an Authorized Disney Travel Agent We were spending a large chunk of money on our trip and I was really hesitant to do tha…