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Music - Wes Kirkpatrick

My brother Wes is a musician.  Actually, my brother Ryan is too, as well as my dad, and my grandfather played the mandolin.  I guess the music and singing talent skipped me and went to them instead, because I can't sing to save my life.  I'm not what we're talking about here though, so I'll get back on topic.  My brother Wes recently spent a few weeks in Bozeman, Montana recording a new EP album, and it is going to be nothing short of incredible.  As an independent artist, he doesn't have people footing the bill for studio time, production, etc. and those items are not cheap.  It is both good and bad, because he has total control in how his songs are recorded and owns all the rights, but the downside is that he has to pay for all of it.  The glory of Kickstarter campaigns has been such a blessing to independent artists like my brother.  It gives fans an opportunity to help make the album happen.  There are different pledge amounts and different products (like a sig…