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Add A Pop of Color to Your Wardrobe

For me, wearing color used to mean that I wore gray.  My wardrobe consisted of 90% black shirts for a very long time.  If I wore color, it meant that I wore a gray shirt.  I might have thrown white in here and there, but for the most part, I stuck to black.  I've changed things up over the last few years, and try to throw in actual colors on a regular basis.  I do still gravitate towards black though!

I've been looking for a pair of pink jeans for awhile now.  I'm not really sure why, but I've really wanted some, and have tried on every pair I run into.  I happened upon a pair of pink, skinny, ankle cut jeans (which happen to meet all of my criteria) recently and they just so happened to fit.  I'm pretty happy with my purchase!

Today consists of about a million errands, appointments, I have a dance class I am the substitute teacher for, and I have to take my kids to the school carnival tonight.  Comfort is pretty important to me today, so sneakers are my go to.  I…

More Things to Know About Your Disney Cruise!

I wrote some blog posts after returning from our cruise on the Disney Magic a couple months ago (find them here, here, here, and here), but have had a lot of questions about other topics since then.  I thought I'd add another post with some more things to expect and plan for.

1. Online Check In - If this is your first cruise, you'll be able to do your online check in at 75 days out, when your cruise is paid in full.  It is a really easy process, and you should do it as soon as you are able to.  You'll be assigned your port arrival time once all your information has been entered, and you can also register your kids for the kids clubs, make reservations for the adults only restaurants, and reserve your Port Adventures.  Some of the Port Adventures are really popular and fill up quickly, so if you know which ones you'd really like to do, now is the time to register for them.  You don't get charged with Port Adventures until you are on the ship, and I believe you have…

April Showers Mean Cute Rain Boots!

I love rainy spring days because it gives me the chance to wear my rain boots.  I bought these a long time ago, but don't get to wear them that often.  I think they are pretty super and I get really excited when these spring rain showers start each year!

Today's rainy weather makes for a pony tail, comfortable jeans, boots, t-shirt and sweater kind of day.  The t-shirt I'm wearing is one of my favorites from Target.  Super soft, stretchy, and it holds shape.  I hate when shirts fit when you put them on and then get baggy as the day goes on.  When I find good shirts, I tend to buy them in as many colors as I can.  My closet is full of solid color tank tops and t-shirts.  I love color, but don't tend to wear a ton of prints on my shirts, so I stock up on solids.  The sweater is one I picked up last spring that I've worn about a million times.  It is a neutral color, and is great to just throw on when it is a little chilly out.  I just picked the necklace up last wee…

So Excited to Dress for Spring Weather!

I love that the weather is changing and warm days seem to come more often than cold now!  Time to break out those spring wardrobes!  I love all of the fun florals and colors that are out for spring, and am throwing fun little pieces into my outfits.
Today I am wearing my favorite brand/style of jeans.  I have four pairs of this exact style in different washes.  I live in skinny jeans,  and these seem to have been made specifically for my body.  They have some stretch, but hold their shape and are super comfortable.  I knew i had to have the floral ballet flats the moment I saw them, and I threw the mint colored belt on for a fun pop of color with my off white tank top.  I am obsessed with colorful statement necklaces,  and look for new colors all the time.  Also,  how fun are my earrings!?!? I saw a similar pair in a magazine recently and I think they are fantastic. My bag is from JustFab, which is one of my favorite places to get shoes and bags that I know I will only use for certa…

How to Hem Jeans & Keep the Original Hem

I used to skip purchasing jeans if the length wasn't exactly right.  A few years ago I learned how to hem jeans and keep that original hem (keeping that nice stitching at the bottom so they don't look hemmed). and it really is super easy to do.  I bought a pair of jeans last week that were only available in one length, and while the store offered free hemming, I was going to have to wait almost a week to get them done.  I can do them myself in 15 minutes, so that is the route I chose to take.  Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to do it.

Start by washing and drying your jeans so that you won't have to worry about them shrinking afterwards.  Next, figure out how long you want them.  You can measure the inseam of a pair of jeans you love, or try them on and fold them to the length you'd like them to be.  Once you've done that, decide how many inches shorter you want the jeans to be.  I needed mine to be 2" shorter than what they were.
Next, fold the jeans…

Maxi Skirts are a Must

I've never been one to wear shorts in the summer, so I either wear jeans, skirts, or dresses.  I run into trouble with dresses and skirts because I'm tall, and it is difficult to find any that are an appropriate length.  I like to be comfortable, be able to play with my kids, and move around without having to worry about my butt showing.  Strange concept right?  That's where a maxi skirt comes in handy.  I love how comfortable and practical they are.  I can throw on a tank or t-shirt with them and be super casual, or add some jewelry to dress it up.  I love them and I'm not sure how I went so long without owning them.  I've now made up for lost time, and thanks to my friend Jen, I've got my closet full of gorgeous, super soft, maxis that I wear all year.  
I am incredibly particular about the fit of tank tops, and have found only a couple brands and styles that I love.  The one I'm wearing below is a jersey tank from H&M that is super stretchy, holds s…