Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Folding Chair Refinish - Easy DIY

I recently refinished a desk to make a Lego table (you can see it here) for my son's room and he needed a chair to go with it.  I didn't want to buy one, so I went down to our basement and found an old folding chair that was not looking very lovely.  It had paint on the seat, but otherwise was in great shape.  The boy wanted some cushion on his chair, so this would be perfect.

I popped the seat cushion off and went right to the spray paint.  I used the same color red that I used on an old school desk that is in my son's room, and I thought I'd have enough to finish this chair.  I ended up running out and had to go get another bottle, so I the first thing I had to pay for was a $3.77 can of paint at Wal-Mart.  I had to put several coats of paint on, which seems to happen any time I use red on anything.  It takes a lot of it to get full coverage.  

After a couple coats...I didn't worry about the seat because it was getting covered with the cushion.

I bought a yard of navy blue fabric at Hobby Lobby, which was more than I needed for this project, but it was $3.99/yard and I also had a 40% off coupon.  I put the fabric over the old cushion cover because I didn't want to damage the foam on the cushion if the old cover had adhesive on it.  This part took about 3 minutes to complete.  I ironed the fabric, laid the cushion on it, and cut around it with about 1.5" of allowance for folding it under.  I didn't worry about cutting perfectly because the bottom wasn't going to show, and clearly they didn't care when they put the original cover on either.  Next I sprayed the cushion with spray adhesive (which I had on hand already), put it on the fabric, and folded it around.  I sprayed the edges on the back side and also put a few staples (pretty sure I could have skipped that step though) around the edges. 

Once the paint was dry, I just popped the cushion back on and I was done.  I can now consider my Lego desk project complete! 



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