Friday, June 19, 2015

The Pencil Skirt

When pencil skirts started getting popular, I swore I could never pull one off.  The idea of putting a completely form fitting skirt on my body was terrifying.  In my mind, the only people who could wear them were stick thin and had no curves.  I was totally wrong right?  As I flip through magazines, and watch tv, the women who wear these type of skirts are full of curves and they look incredible.  I am my own worst critic, and it has taken me awhile to feel comfortable in such a form fitting skirt, but now I feel like I pull it off pretty well (seriously you guys, barre classes have done wonders for my butt! I couldn't have pulled this off last summer)  This brand/style is my favorite and I have three of them because I love them so much.  They are soft, stretchy, and come in such fun prints!  I love the yoga waistband because I can change how I wear it on my waist, depending on what shirt I want to wear with it.  I buy them from a friend of mine (along with the maxi skirt I posted about here, the leggings in this post here, and many other dresses, tops, and skirts that I haven't gotten my hands on yet!), and I couldn't love this stuff more.  She has a website here, but she also posts photos of her current in stock inventory on her Facebook page and will ship to you.  I feel like I buy something from her every time she gets a new batch of inventory in.  

I love the bright floral print on this skirt.  I also have one that is black/white polka dots, and one that is leopard print, but this floral is so great for summer.  I am a big fan of basic, fitted tanks, and I love the blue one I am wearing.  I tucked it in to this skirt, but if I'm being more casual, I'll wear it untucked and wear flip flops or a flat sandal.  My shoes I bought last summer, but there are lots of similar options out this year.

Skirt - Cassie Skirt by LuLaRoe
Tank Top - Target
Shoes - JustFab
Necklaces/Earrings - JustFab

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