Friday, June 5, 2015

So, I Bought A Jumpsuit!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine and I started chatting about jumpsuits.  There was a cute one we kept looking at on an athletic clothing website, but neither of us bit the bullet and ordered it.  The topic has come up quite a few more times, links to different options shared, and it almost like we've been daring each other to be the first to give it a go.  After a recent conversation with said friend, another friend messaged me talking to me about a black jumpsuit that she owned.  For the record, she loves it, but we had to laugh about her husband's opinion.  I made the decision this week that I would at least try some on.  I looked online a bit and then headed out to shop.  A few of them were so bad that I literally couldn't get them off fast enough.  Then I found one that I actually liked.  Of course, they had the size below and above what I needed, but not my size in the store so I had to order it.

My verdict on this particular one is that I like it, and I don't own a single thing like it.  I wish it was made for someone tall, so that I could wear something other than flats with it, but I enjoy it enough to keep it.  It is soft and comfortable, and the price was such that I feel happy about owning something like likely won't stay on trend for an extended period of time.  So friend, (and I know you'll read this!) now the challenge is on for you to find one for yourself!

I have three different colors of the sandals I'm wearing because I love them so much.  I found this color and they were on sale this week.  I also had some gift cards from Shopkick to spend, so I only paid $10 for them.  That put a big smile on my face!

I love long necklaces, but almost always layer them and wear shorter necklace with it.  You can't see it unless you look close in the picture, but I have a tiny little necklace on as well.  I'm not sure why I feel like I have to layer things, but I always do.  It just seems to work better on my body to have a variety of lengths.

Jumpsuit - Target
Long Necklace & Earrings - Charming Charlie
Short Necklace - JustFab
Shoes - Target 

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