Hats - Not Just for Bad Hair Days!

In college, I remember wearing baseball caps quite a bit to cut down on the time it took me to get ready for class.  At the time (what feels like a million years ago!), there weren't really any cute options at all.  Hats have become a major accessory though, and there are tons of ridiculously cute options to choose from.  I have a friend who runs an online boutique, and I've been watching her post pictures of her adorable, hand crafted hats for a long time.  I like to try things on, so I don't like to buy things online very often, but I felt like I really couldn't go wrong here.  My hat got here last week and I was thrilled with how cute it is!  Perfect fit, great quality, and I just love it!  The one I chose is light gray with gray and white flowers.  I wanted something neutral that I could wear with a lot of things, and this will be perfect.  She has so many other awesome choices, and does a lot of hats to match sports teams, and that type of thing too.  Shi's Jewelry Box has a website, but shopping tends to be done on their Facebook page.  She offers other accessories and shirts sometimes too.  All of it is super cute and affordable.  

I've been obsessed with royal blue for awhile now.  The tank I'm wearing is my absolute favorite style/brand of tank top, and I pretty much own every color it gets made in.  I found this blue and white striped option last week and had to have it.  A tank, jeans, hat, and a pair of Chucks, and I'm good to go!  

Tank Top - Target
Jeans - The Buckle
Shoes - Converse
Bracelet - KEEP Collective (Also seen in this post)

Here is a close up of my hat...


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