Friday, May 29, 2015

I Don't Wear Shorts. So What?

I haven't owned a pair of shorts since high school, which was a really long time ago folks.  I just hate them, and have never found a pair that I thought fit the way I think they should.  They are either way too short, or too tight, or whatever.  There are so many reasons why I hate shorts and I refuse to wear them.  I wear jeans a lot, but I spend many of my summer days in skirts and dresses.  I more often than not, choose dresses, but every now and then I find a skirt that I really like.  I'm 5'8" and finding skirts and dresses that aren't super short can be a little tricky.  I have to try things on, there is no way I'd order online because I have to be able to see how the length will be on me.

I found this skirt at Old Navy a few months ago before we went on our Disney Cruise (packing list and other posts on that here), and I loved it.  It was the perfect thing for a cruise casual dinner.  It has little pleats, is lightweight, and it makes me feel like I should twirl around like my six year old daughter does when she wears dresses.  I have a really short waist, and never quite know what kind of top to wear with skirts (hence why I wear dresses a lot).  I choose to wear this skirt higher on my waist, and then tuck in a tight tank (I'm wearing my favorite brand/style tank of all time) or t-shirt and put a stretchy wide belt over the waistband.  Visually, doing this helps pull your waist in and gives you some great curves.  I always try to throw a little color into my outfits, so I paired this one with some floral ballet flats that I just love.  I've worn them for this blog post as well.

Tank Top - Target
Skirt - Old Navy (very similar)
Shoes - Target
Belt - Target (similar)
Necklace - Screaming Owl (no longer available)

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