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I Don't Wear Shorts. So What?

I haven't owned a pair of shorts since high school, which was a really long time ago folks.  I just hate them, and have never found a pair that I thought fit the way I think they should.  They are either way too short, or too tight, or whatever.  There are so many reasons why I hate shorts and I refuse to wear them.  I wear jeans a lot, but I spend many of my summer days in skirts and dresses.  I more often than not, choose dresses, but every now and then I find a skirt that I really like.  I'm 5'8" and finding skirts and dresses that aren't super short can be a little tricky.  I have to try things on, there is no way I'd order online because I have to be able to see how the length will be on me.

I found this skirt at Old Navy a few months ago before we went on our Disney Cruise (packing list and other posts on that here), and I loved it.  It was the perfect thing for a cruise casual dinner.  It has little pleats, is lightweight, and it makes me feel like I s…

Casual Dresses are Perfect for Summer!

I wear a ton of dresses in the summer.  I hate shorts, so skirts and dresses are always my go to items in the summer.  I have a graduation to go to today and a comfortable dress was definitely what I wanted to wear.  I stick with stretchy knit dresses because they wear well, are super comfortable, and you can always dress them up a bit or make them more casual.

I love this scoop neck, high waist dress from Old Navy.  I bought it in the fall, but they have similar styles out for summer.  Add to it a belt, basic black gladiator sandals, great earrings, and a colorful bag for a pop of color and I'm ready to go!

Dress - Old Navy (similar) Shoes - Target Bag - Francesca's Earrings - Target Belt - Target - (similar)

Step Out of Your Style Comfort Zone

I tend to stick to tried and true favorites when it comes to clothes.  I find things that I know work well for my body, and I don't often stray from that.  This is why I own the same style of jeans in four different washes, the same tanks and t-shirts in every color they come in, the same maxi skirts in a variety of prints, and the same shoes in multiple colors.  I tend to shy away from totally new things, but this week I'm stepping out of my comfort zone a bit.  
For the past few months, I've been eyeing the new "jogger" style pants that have popped up in every store I go to.  I've seen them on people in person and in ads, but convinced myself that they'd never work on me.  I'm relatively tall, but definitely not stick thin.  I have muscle in my legs and butt (thank you barre classes!) and so the idea of wearing something that wasn't completely form fitting scared me because extra fabric makes you look bigger.  Having once weighed 100lbs more th…

Casual, Comfortable Style

I spend a lot of time running kids from school to practices, to games, to activities, etc.  As much as I'd love to wear fun fancy heels and be super put together all the time, it just wouldn't be comfortable.  I like to dress up, but it just doesn't work with my life all that often.  That being said, I hate sweat pants, yoga pants, and the like.  I have days where I'm in workout gear all day, but it pains me greatly to go out and about in workout clothes.  Today I got my workout in early in the morning, and get to spend the rest of my day in regular (but comfortable) clothes.  Yay!
As I've mentioned before, shoes are my greatest weakness.  Converse Chuck Taylor's are my absolute go to sneaker.  Currently, I have them in eight different colors, and I'd happily add more to my collection.  The bright pink pair I'm wearing today are one of my favorites!  I'm headed to my son's soccer game this afternoon, so I threw on my trusty Chuck's, jeans, …